Dignity Health | Be well | Spring 2018

SENIOR CARE Independence. For many of us, it’s the hallmark of aging well: staying in your own home— comfortably and safely—for as long as you possibly can. Age-related health conditions and loss of mobility can put that dream at risk for some seniors. But with a little help, they may be able to maintain their independence longer. Connected Living helps seniors who want assistance find the care and services they need to live on their own. “Whatever it is we can do to help them stay in their home, that’s what we do,” says Alan Masden, Senior Director of Connected Living. Where the heart is Connected Living helps seniors live well at home DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE Ask how Connected Living can help. 530.223.6034 The service is known as the Multi- purpose Senior Services Program. It starts with a simple phone call to a Connected Living advocate, who can help determine if the program is right for you. Next, a case manager and a licensed nurse may visit you in your home to see what types of services you may need. “We talk about your goals and what’s important to you,” Masden says. “We make sure you have those needs met so you can stay healthy and safe in the community.” For each client, we create a custom care plan that connects you with resources in the community. This could mean getting: ›› Help with dressing, bathing, toileting, shopping, cooking, or housekeeping ›› Emergency alert devices ›› Nursing care ›› Home-delivered meals ›› Help with insurance forms And over time, the team continues to check in to make sure your ongoing needs are being met. The big picture The Multipurpose Senior Services Program is just one part of Connected Living’s suite of services that help seniors live in their own homes for as long as possible. For instance, there are programs that help seniors manage finances, enjoy social opportunities, and provide medical therapies to help them stay healthy. For Masden, it all comes down to compassion for people in need of a vital connection. “They deserve our help,” he says. 21 Dignity Health North State